There’s no shortage of information about yours truly on this site. You could easily spend an hour or more reading about things that may or may not be relevant. But who has time (or interest) in doing that?! Let’s boil it down to the most frequently asked questions about how I can directly and positively impact Nav Canada’s Comms Team.




1 – How can David help Nav Canada improve its communications programs?

Answer: I have no doubt that Nav Canada has a great Communications Team already in place. Where I feel I can contribute is in bringing a balanced private-public sector approach to your existing communications programs and practices to address the challenges you’re facing today, while keeping an eye towards future trends. I’ve got a proven track record (25+years) of taking good communications programs and making them great. Fresh ideas, creative energy, along with private sector/entrepreneurial perspective and a deep desire to contribute on all levels is just a small example of what separates me from other professionals.


2 – What sets David apart from all the other applicants?

Answer: It’s impossible for me to know what the other applicants are capable of, but what I do know is that I have incredible passion, vision, drive and enthusiasm for anything communications. I have a deep appreciation for what great communications can do to help motivate an organization and disseminate important messages to its intended audience(s). Pair that with the extensive experience building and managing teams in both the private and public sector, and you have a confident, capable and fluently bilingual professional ready to join your team.


3 – What would David do in the first 30 days at Nav Canada?

Answer: My first goal would be to assess the overall landscape with key (internal and external, if necessary) stakeholders. It’s important to understand the climate and culture of any organization before effecting positive change. Knowing the team’s (and overarching corporate) strengths, mission and goals affords opportunities to improve where needed and enhance what is already good. I would align that information with our departmental and corporate objectives, then build a near term plan of attack with measurable deliverables and assigned responsibilities. I would then work to ensure management was on board before implementing this first phase of action.


4 – Why is David the right person for the VP Communications role at Nav Canada?

Answer: I’m not sure anyone is ‘perfect’ for any role, but what I do know is that my personal interests and professional abilities align extremely well with those of Nav Canada. I know a little about Nav Canada, having first hand experience as a parent and patient. I’m passionate about building strong, lasting relationships that are part of something bigger. And by that I mean serving people through public service and doing my part to ensure Canadians are empowered to live happy, healthy, productive lives. My proven private and public sector success is due in large part to my entrepreneurial spirit. I’m proud of my accomplishments because they have been achieved with integrity, transparency and hard work.


5 – What are David’s strengths?

Answer: I’m very self-aware, with a keen understanding of what I’m good at, where I need support, and how to get the most from myself and those around me. I am an excellent communicator, both verbal and through written word, who aspires to inspire people to contribute at their highest level. I know what it takes to build, implement and manage successful communications programs, with a lengthy track record to back it up. There are many more things I’d like to put here, but this website is full of self-flattery already, so enough said.


6 – What are David’s weaknesses?

Answer: My passion for people can lead me to care more than the average person. I have been told that I care ‘too much’. I can’t and likely won’t ever change that though. Forewarned.


7 – Why should Nav Canada hire David?

Answer: With great sincerity, I want Nav Canada to look back in a year or two and say ‘David was the best hire we’ve made in a very long time’. I would do everything I can to ensure you like every personal trait and professional ability I bring to Nav Canada.


8 – When is David ready to get started?

Answer: I’m ready when you are.



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