About David

Describing one’s self is more than a little narcissistic, but done well requires a balance of ego and humility. An art form in itself. Not one I have yet to master, but if you can’t tell your own story, then how can you expect to market anyone else, let alone Nav Canada.

As a seasoned Communications professional with over 25 years experience in both private and public sectors, there’s one thing that remains constant about my craft… it’s always changing. In order to successfully set and execute an organization’s strategy, I’ve had to stay abreast of this ever-changing landscape.

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In my humble opinion, to be considered a Communications expert you have to stay on top of a rapidly evolving landscape, know your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your team and your competition. You need to leverage technology and understand your core value proposition and how it fits in with corporate objectives. Anyone can build a marketing plan, but it’s how you roll it out, manage and monitor it, and, ultimately, measure its success that differentiates an average communications professional from a great one.


“I like to think of myself as a serial overachiever and maybe even a bit of a Communications superhero…”

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Finding the right person means attracting someone who appreciates and understands your culture, intended audience, tone and brand identity, along with all its bright spots and blemishes. A professional that can design a unique communications strategy that delivers on thought leadership, content development, continuous engagement and leverages a variety of tools to achieve organizational objectives. Someone who can see and seize opportunities or simply solve existing communications challenges.

Raised in Aylmer, Quebec, of a European-born father and Canadian mother, my home was filled with ‘three official languages’. My Dad and grandmother (who lived with us until I was almost 7) spoke to us in Croatian, while my mom made sure we knew our English and French fluently. From an early age, my dad instilled in me a work ethic that puts ravenous beavers to shame. I vividly remember having to get up at 5 am every day in the summer months and head to work in construction with him. He got me up early, had me work incredibly hard, and showed me the inside of his business, the good and bad. And I loved it. Except for the calluses I still have today.



“So while my friends slept in, played games and generally goofed around, I was building character and a foundation for the future, or so my dad kept saying.”


It wasn’t all hard work though. I spent every other moment playing competitive soccer (until I was 19), competitive hockey (until I was 18), football, baseball and tennis, and did track sports, fished, kayaked and pretty much anything else that kept me outside and active. It was a busy childhood, but one that always ensured that my studies came first.

Like most people, my professional career has had it’s twists and turns. But not one single experience could ever be regretted. Each opportunity allowed me to take on new responsibilities and challenges, further developing my skills and abilities in the Communications field.

My personal outlook on life is one of optimism and positivity. I believe that to be truly successful in life as in work, it requires effort, a team, compassion, communication, understanding, generosity and drive. We need to listen first, listen well, devise a plan and have the conviction to act upon it. But the work can’t stop there. We must monitor, nurture, adjust and measure our activities to ensure our objectives are met.

There are plenty of people who can step in and do a decent job. But where I feel I stand out is in my proven track record, where I have shown I can do an exceptional job in various companies with increasingly challenging roles. And I do it with a strong emphasis on collaboration, leadership, mentoring and development.


“I build exceptional teams that work well together. Part of my job, and one I take great pride and responsibility in, is to inspire people to contribute at a level even they didn’t think possible.”


Here are a few more personal bits and bites of (mostly flattering) information that positively impact my performance and the people around me:

  • a ‘can-do’ attitude, where there is always a solution
  • avid traveler
  • animal lover
  • excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills
  • fluently bilingual (English-French)
  • very creative, out-of-box thinker
  • perpetual learner, always wanting to get better at my craft
  • grounded and appreciative, knowing where I’ve come from and thankful of others
  • focused and driven to succeed, while still being supportive and collaborative
  • outgoing and sociable, fearless public speaker
  • passionate and generous of time and energy
  • a team builder who believes strongly in mentoring others

While I will discuss in detail what I feel to be my professional skills and abilities on subsequent pages, here are what I would consider some of the highlights:


  • advanced knowledge of communications practices and principles, with over 20 years of applied experience
  • proven ability to manage all aspects of multi-faceted, complex communications programs
  • extensive experience implementing, monitoring and measuring programs that increased employee engagement and corporate awareness
  • monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of communications activities, developing ongoing improvement practices
  • providing strategic communications advice and direction through the development and dissemination of core content and message to key audiences
  • experience designing, developing and managing successful community investment programs
  • identify and manage new demand generation activities (print, electronic media, trade show, direct mail, electronic marketing and signage) that support new business development
  • managing hundreds of internal and external corporate events from AGMs to revenue-generating trade shows and other activities
  • drive thought leadership through the development of online materials (content marketing) as well as seminars and webinars
  • extensive social media experience across all platforms


“I’m confident I can take Nav Canada’s communications strategy boldly into the future.”


The bottom line… I am an experienced professional who has the proven ability to manage people, budgets, deadlines and pressure exceptionally well. These tools give me the confidence that I can help Nav Canada achieve greater connection, improved engagement and relevance with its (internal and external) stakeholders. My balance of personal and professional qualities enable me to work extremely well with all levels of management, peers and direct reports. I would work collaboratively with External Communications and PA teams to ensure Nav Canada was (even) more responsive, relevant and agile in the face of an increasingly competitive environment.. Contact me today!



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