Marcom isn’t rocket science. But it can sure feel like it…

As a seasoned Marketing and Communications professional with over 20 years experience in the private and public sectors, along with ten years of successful business ownership – there’s one thing that remains constant about my craft… it’s always changing.

To be considered a Communications expert you have to stay on top of a rapidly evolving landscape, know your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your team and your competition. You need to leverage technology and understand your core value proposition and how it fits in with corporate objectives. Anyone can build a marketing plan, but it’s how you roll it out, manage and monitor it, and, ultimately, measure its success that differentiates an average marketer from a great one.

A great marketing professional makes it all look easy. But the reality is, to do it right requires a substantial amount of skill. It isn’t rocket science by any stretch, however, when you don’t know what you’re doing it can sure feel like it.

balance art with science
Beyond this though… a great marketing professional knows how to balance the art and science in their craft. The art of marketing is all the right-brained creativity that goes into a marketing program. These marketers are focused on emotions, visuals, and telling stories. The science of marketing is the data and analytics side. This is the left-brained, logical side of marketing. These types of marketers love analytics, testing, and measuring.

The key is to strike a balance. If you focus too much on the science, your website and marketing will become robotic. Your brand image will be changing the second you get a small hint that one branding message may convert better than the other. Similarly, favoring the art too much means that you won’t know what’s actually resonating because you’re not measuring. At the end of the day marketing is about growing companies. To do this, you’ll need a range of skill sets within your marketing team.

Content marketers work in two spaces: the lab and the studio.

The lab is the place where we sift through the mountain of data at our disposal—data that grants us unparalleled insights into the purchasing process. We can track our buyer’s online behavior, craft campaigns around the trends and habits we discover, and test new tactics that lead to better results.

The studio is a place where we transform complex concepts are into accessible, valuable messages. Emotions are at the forefront in the studio. We work to communicate our messages through different mediums and distribution channels. In the studio, we push boundaries, and constantly explore new ways of inspiring people to take action with our brand.


“When you’ve found someone (like me) who can combine both art and science and do them well, you’ve found yourself a great marketer.”


These two worlds—science and art—are often viewed as distinct. But the best content marketers incorporate both into a single content operation. They leverage lessons from data to develop content that converts, while pushing beyond the status quo with new formats and channels.

Finding the right person means attracting someone who appreciates and understands your market position and brand identity, along with all its bright spots and blemishes. A professional that can design a unique marketing strategy that delivers  on thought leadership, content development, inbound and web marketing, and demand generation is critical to your near and long term success. Someone who can see and seize revenue opportunities within existing markets, as well as identify new areas of expansion.


“I’m confident I can take your organization’s marketing and communications boldly into the future.”


The bottom line is… I am a confident, capable marketing and communications leader with a proven track record of successfully building and managing exceptional teams that exceed expectations. I know I can bring this to Nav Canada, almost immediately and positively impacting the people and processes around me. When do we get started? Contact me today!



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